BELLEVUE SWING : the quartet

Listing musical influences of Bellevue Swing's members should give an endless or a Prévert-style inventory : Bach, Mingus, Armstrong,
Monk and Corelli, and also Art Pepper, Kenny Burell, Haendel and Debussy, and we should add the best jazz recordings, all the very best,
the masters of jazz, the magnificent classical work, the cultural interbreeding allowed diversity between folklore and modernity ...
You get it, the list is too long !
What make musicians is first of all everything they listened, understood and what inspired them.

A band is like a village where we live together, a little society where we learn to know each other, to share and open ourselves to others.
BELLEVUE SWING is a common experience, a sound, a musical project which does not fit in a precise style, even if it gets closer to the idea of
a swinging jazz developed between the 1920's and the 1950's.


In the 1940's gypsy jazz was a new approach in jazz and the famous guitar player Django Reinhardt overalled the world of jazz music.
With this first eponymous album, Bellevue Swing make a tribute to this jazz stream, giving preference to Django Reinhardt's tunes,
but with a classical jazz quartet : one guitar only and sometimes electric guitar.

Brassens, Trenet, and some original tunes for this sensitive and inspiring album. just swing !

The band :

Marcel PREVOT : guitar
Martial REVERDY : clarinet
Olivier BOUISSE : doublebass
Philippe ROUSSELET : drums

BELLEVUE SWING's LP was recorded and mixed at studio BDFL by Jean-Paul Bondyfalat on May 27th & 28th 2014.
Producer : l'Ere du Large, co-producer : BDFL, publisher label Cordes & Ames.